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“The Route of the Octopus”




  1. Welcome to my website. This is one that I hope you’ll use to find quick answers on the Espee. There is general information about the railroad, but it concentrates on the Coast Division.  I model in HO scale, circa 1948 in the San Luis Obispo area, so there are some specifics to this time and area. Information on subsidiary railroads (SSW, T&NO, etc) is not included.


  1. Facts and figures come from various sources but mostly the Espee Group Forum.  I have tried to avoid copyrighted material. If  I have, I apologize and will remove it or will give you credit if you wish.  I have tried only to include facts and remove opinions.

  1. The way I have gathered most of my information is I read the Espee Yahoo group eMail and copy pertinent information from consecutive messages on a specific subject. I follow the thread until it's conclusion. When someone with expertise contradicts someones email (as you have on numerous occasions) I eliminate the former email. I then organize all the compilations into the order I have described below.

Expert Testimony & Quotes

    Included are some experts testimony from the web and some have been given credit (but not all).  When I put a name on the page, it    

    only concerns that paragraph and not those paragraphs above or below a paragraph. 


  1. I make no claim to know all the facts.  The information presented is in condensed form and in some cases incomplete.

Mission Statement

  1. This website is just a way to share information in one spot for my fellow S. P. lovers.  In turn, I hope to gain more knowledge on the subject from its readers. I do not intend to profit from this endeavor. 


  1. Material will be updated regularly. I welcome your comments, suggestions, corrections and critiques to make this a better site for all.


  1. The material is divided into 8 sections. Welcome, Locomotives (Steam & Diesel), Rolling Stock (Passenger & Freight), Structures, Operations, Prototype Equipment, Train Service and Passenger Cars. There is no Table of Contents  but a Page Synopsis Box.

Page Synopsis Box

    Here’s an example of what you’ll find on the page.

Signaling System
Searchlight Signals
Cantilever Signal Bridge
Dwarf Signals
Train Order Signals

Support Structures
Battery Relay Shed
Relay Box
Dummy Masts


  1. Each section has specific prototype material, followed by modeling ideas for HO Scale. Prototype and Modeling tips are color coded for quick reference:  (Note: Not all subjects have complete sets of prototype or modeling ideas.)

  2. The Modeling Manufacturers are listed alphabetically in each modeling prototype and no preference is given over another.


Prototype Sub title 

Prototype  Details

Prototype  Paint

Prototype  Lettering & Numbering

Prototype  References 


Modeling  Prototype

Model Manufacturer  (Alphabetically listed) 

Modeling  Details

Modeling  Paint

Modeling  Lettering & Numbering

Modeling  Decals

Modeling  Electrical

Modeling  References

Reference Material


  1. Books and Magazines  are underlined:                                       (i.e. Trainline, Issue 90, pg. 25)

  2. Websites and email addresses are highlighted in brown:      (i.e.  

  3. Some websites and eMail addresses may not be current.


  1. Here is a list of abbreviations that you will encounter:

  2. CSRM    California State Railroad Museum


  1. MM    Mainline Modeler

  2. MR      Model Railroader

  3. RMJ    Railroad Model Journal

  4. T           Trainline


  1. CLP     Coast Line Pictoral

  2. PT1      Passenger Trains, Vol. 1

  3. Learn and enjoy!

  4. Sincerely,

  5. Angel Garrido

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Southern Pacific Lines
 Modeling the S.P. in HO Scale   circa: 1948
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